Marcio S Galli - management, entrepreneurship, and startup ecosystem researcher

  • Background bachelor's degree in computer science (USP alumni)
  • Developer consultant to many Silicon Valley companies (Mozilla, Zvents, France Telecom R&D)
  • US Patent author — messaging and internet
  • Ribeirão Preto SP Brasil, São Carlos SP Brasil, Mountain View CA USA, Sunnyvale CA USA
  • Themes

    Here are areas that I have dedicated significant amount of hours. Of course, anything here is final — it's all a work in progress but at the same time it's reasonably solid.

    Business Model Canvas

    The authors of the Business Model Canvas make an explicit point that this is an iterative design tool intended to learn. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are highly subject to using the canvas to tell a story, to convince themselves about a direction.

  • Course on Canvas / Check my involvement with Canvas, as a Coursera Mentor and as entrepreneur interested in better practices
  • Creative Destruction and Startup Innovation

    In the capitalist system, the concept of creative destruction relates to the innovation cycles where industries and platforms are reinvented — the rise of new platforms destroys prior platforms. The occurrence of these evolution cycles creates impact in the economic system. To point an example of observable phenomenon, consider the unavailability of jobs when a major platform of jobs is disrupted by a new dynamic of work. For Schumpeter, the protagonist of creative destruction is the innovative entrepreneur. This talk explores the subject of creative destruction looking at statup movements.

  • Descontrução Criativa (pt-BR)
  • Jobs-to-be-done

    In this course we will first explore the concept of Jobs to be Done; we will learn the theory and conditions where the theory offers better results (new markets vs existing markets and other conditions). In addition, this work is aimed to be a resource that helps entrepreneurs to explore better the role of humans as they are interacting with others systems — with their environment, as they are seeking to produce value among others. Therefore, we will depart from jobs to be done but our aim is to understand how humans condition themselves in their "jobs" or "working platforms" and how they eventually break barriers when they use their living platform, as they come to face their needs. This course will involve Jobs to be done theory, User Innovation theory, and may also explore networks.

  • Curso Job-to-be-done / Ulwick's Jobs to be done study notes by Marcio Galli
  • The Startup State of Mind of Silicon Valley

    This is yet another lecture about Silicon Valley with a focus on behavior - let's understand a little bit about the elements that contribute to the continuous development of the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem. This work is an effort based on the compilation of public materials and, in particular, motivated by content from diverse authors such as Eric Ries (A Lean Startup), Steve Blank (Customer Development), Michael Dearing (Harrison Metal), among others. These resources create a central line that correlates history with the startup movement and establishes a motivation for how (or for what?) Entrepreneurship ecosystems evolve. The Startup State of Mind of Silicon Valley


    These are my study notes — many of them published as drafts, in realtime. Consider them as opportunities for conversations and feel free to contact me at mgalli at mgalli dot com if you want to exchange ideas about some of these topics.

    Tags: Culture, creativeness, OKR for teams, horizontal collaboration, vertical access, Intuit

  • Public meeting / Culture / The element of creativeness in the formation of new culture in a startup
  • Public meeting / Culture / Considering the emergence of a strong culture when a creative startup navigates a revolution
  • The cultural support at Intuit enabling employee leaders to create company-wide initiatives
  • Public meeting / Culture / The cultural support at Intuit enabling employee leaders to create company-wide initiatives
  • Tags: principles, values, culture, OKR, goals, projects planning, management, feedback

  • Public meeting / OKR / Individual OKRs - evolving projects with more respect to the asynchronous nature of activities in the dynamic environment
  • Public meeting / OKR / Individual OKRs - exploring the challenges for a high productive individual agenda when goals may require new learning, willpower, breaking habits, creative energy
  • Public meeting / OKR / Individual OKRs - exploring the challenges of adapting individual goal plans
  • Fred Kofman sobre mudar as pessoas
  • Fred Kofman sobre poder
  • Fred Kofman sobre liberdade
  • Fred Kofman sobre os felicidade
  • Fred Kofman sobre os controladores que se acham corretos
  • Andy Grove sobre os ventos da mudança
  • Steve Blank sobre execução para startups
  • Tags: investing, pitch, vc

  • Public meetings / Investing and entrepreneurs / Challenges for entrepreneurs in remote locations such as 3rd world
  • Tags: psychology, online therapy sessions, atendimento psicológico online (pt-BR)

  • Meeting notes / Supporting a psychologist to develop a plan for online therapy conforming to the Brazilian Federal Council of Psychology (CFP)
  • Tags: open campus, no walls, safety, trust, openness, transparency, security

  • Public meeting / The open campus in Sao Carlos Brazil / Imagining USP Sao Carlos campus with no walls
  • Tags: user innovation, producer-consumer interaction, platforms, network effects, Innovation

  • On producer-consumer interaction / Looking at the Disruptive Innovation complexities related to how a disruptive solution may find multiple segments
  • On producer-consumer interaction / Study notes about transaction costs in the producer environment and impact to innovation (feat. Eric von Hippel)
  • Tags: entrepreneurship, startup, early stage, learning, lean, behavior

    These working drafts relates to early stage startup development and culture. Many of them will refer to historical cases.

  • Startup ecosystem / A kind of toxic learning that emerges out of startup lean execution
  • Startup ecosystem / entrepreneurs depends on the startup ecosystem - reflecting about the realities of startup ecosystems
  • A ideia estúpida e a super ideia
  • As primeiras descobertas do AirBNB: sutil, pequeno e poderoso
  • O custo da rede de valor nos ecosistemas maduros de empreendedorismo
  • Tags: urgency, entrepreneurship, noise, signal, meditation, focus, goals

  • Book / Urgência e Empreendedorismo / Sobre o “tamanho da minha primeira cervejaria (pt-BR)
  • Book / Urgency and entrepreneurship / Introduction - in our accelerated world it emerges a marginal entrepreurial activity
  • Tags: creativity, innovation, design thinking, behavior

  • (14/01/2020 - public meeting) / Effort and creativity - elements of the creative process and effort at the individual level (feat. Edwin Locke)
  • Course on Creativity and Innovation — An 11 year old reflecting about her creative process and how it can be impacted by external variables such as the environment
  • Global startup ecosystem

  • Startups from Portugal are exploring new categories instead looking at incremental innovation
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    You can write to me at mgalli at mgalli dot com.

    Marcio is an entrepreneur with an interest in innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, and management. After his bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Marcio moved to Silicon Valley to work at one of companies that helped to develop the history of the Web (Netscape Communications). Besides Netscape / America Online, Marcio also helped other companies like Yahoo!, Mozilla Corporation (creators of the Firefox browser), Songbird, Zvents, France Telecom Research&Development, and more. Marcio is currently an entrepreneur and consultant — collaborating with various departments such as marketing, innovation, engineering. He became an author of international patents and enjoys studying and writing to help future entrepreneurs and managers. Marcio is passionate about communication, business, technology and culture. Some of his favorite books are High Output Management, Conscious Business, The Hard Things about Hard Things, Maslow on Management, The Startup of You, The Alliance, Zero to One, among others.  

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