Startups from Portugal and the exploration of business categories with global reach potential


  • Summary: Researching startups from Portugal. I confess that I am yet under 2 hours of study but the scene from Portugal looks just amazing. Many of these players seem to be tackling new categories of business and I love to see how Portuguese startups are blending AI with an human touch.
  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, technology professionals, CTOs, specialists.
  • Parent project: ecosystem studies
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  • Participants: Marcio S Galli
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List of startups from Portugal that I learned in 2020

The following list was taken from the article Unicórnios, rondas e exits: as startups portuguesas que vão marcar 2020. What I loved from looking at the list is to see startups that are actively working in establishing new categories.

Doppio — just imagine that a lot of devices at your home could suddenly become access points to a remote game experience. Imagine making your house a ship that is navigating the space, like a start trek ship. They are not yet like that but they are the key into that door, they are exploring the voice-first game space that can be used right now, from your home, from devices such as the voice-enabled house assistant appliances.

Sound Particles — what we normally know from 3d sound? That a sudden thrilling audio noise passes behind your back in the movie theather room? For SoundParticles, that idea would be like as if we take a 2d grayscale photo of an amusement park. No, that is not how sound works. Sound is an expression of all the living elements of a scene, not a simplistic projection. And, for our new worlds increasingly more connected, being virtual or not, Sound Particles can take that challenge seriously; making sure that all elements have the proper voice in a way that you don't get noise from multiple angles. — What I loved about Vawlt? to know about an API mechanism for software developers, such as app developers, enabling apps and systems to have secure data storage using an efficient distributed mechanism. I think that what they are doing is key specially now that we see an explosion of conversational apps that are reaching out into the private space — conversational apps for psychologists, doctors, lawyers. As software continues to eat the world, we reached a whole new level of apps appearing all the time tackling these spaces. These are not exactly only solid platforms with a strong secure infrastructure behind. What we have now is the emergence of whitelisted apps and systems being developed independently by many developers. They are publishing them so quick that they won't be able to comply with emerging needs related to privacy and security. I believe that Vawlt will play well in this space, helping out millions of developers to launch secure-based conversational systems.


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