Thank you Steve Blank for this reflection opportunity about human nature, innovation and processes - management and culture


  • Summary — This is a thank you message to Steve Blank. When I was reading the following article I noticed how Steve was able to make me reason about human nature and creative potential, about culture, and our innovation engines.

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Thanks Steve for allowing us to reflect about how good we are in concretizing our processes — and how risky that can be

Hi Steve and/or team,

Today, a person sent me article 1 from Steve, published at Harvard Business Review Brazil channel. I wanted to add feedback that may sound like a thank you message. When reading this article, I was reading something written by Maslow, with some degree of connection with Maslow on Management. I loved that Steve didn't enter, in this article, into any "recipe" or process.

How beautiful, right? If the article had anything in it "too concrete," perhaps the value would fall. This seems to be a kind of writing that may resonate with a thought like this: you know when to get out of the party.

As it is — it is the right concrete thing in it. You were able to touch human nature without trying to name the object. You allowed readers to reason, reflect, to pause their day.

In this context, your article served as a meditation framework.

Thanks, Steve. You make a big difference for new founders.



Marcio S Galli
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