Historical note / Web site productions done as internal projects around 1997-2000


  • Reference meeting: historical - web site productions done as internal projects to showcase new ways to bring graphics and content with dynamism over web pages

  • Parent project: Taboca ArtworK / Marcio Galli

  • Participants: Marcio S Galli
  • Text language: en-us
  • Tags: Web site, productions, art, digital art, photoshop, 3D Studio, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Document status: Copyright, draft.

Train Station DHTML Production from 1997

This was a main web page made to showcase the project — it was part of a listing. The actual project was an animated production designed by Marcio S Galli in 1997 and featured at Netscape web site. The production was basically a train moving, coming in 3D, made with multiple images since it was difficult to do dynamic zooming of HTML elements. When the train was moving the user could hear the whistle blow.

Illusionary DHTML production from 1998

The following was the cover page which was the entrance point for the Illusionary project. Mainly this project was about that entrance page, and feature some graphic effects applicable when the user's mouse was hovering elements.

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