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  • Current position - Founder of Meplex Communications.
  • Prior positions at - Tela Social (Founder), Zvents (California), Mozilla (California), Yahoo! (California), Netscape/AOL (California).
  • Education - English grammar specialization (Coursera/UC), SEO specialization (Coursera), Entrepreneurship specialization (Coursera), Computer Science (University of Sao Paulo)
  • Welcome to my website, I am Marcio Galli, a technology professional with over 20 years of experience. I began my career as a technology evangelist for Netscape Communications and contributed to the development of open-source and web standards through the Mozilla project. Writing in English is a passion of mine, as it is central to the computer revolution. I have a diverse background as a software engineer, front-end developer, and founder. Technical writing and non-fiction writing have been a way for me to collaborate with others in the development of high-tech products. Thank you for visiting.


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    You can reach me out via email mgalli at mgalli dot com or the following channels:

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    Marcio S Galli
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