Rambo -1 with Stallone screenplay, acting, and high-fidelity digital human technology - featuring Richard Crenna virtual acting


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  • A letter written to Sylvester Stallone team

A letter of motivation to Stallone producer screw

Subject: Rambo -1 with Stallone screenplay, Stallone acting, and High fidelity digital human technology - featuring Richard Crenna virtual acting

Hi Mr Stallone, and crew,

Of course the subject of this e-mail is a subject that you thought about. The idea of launching a movie before the first movie, the idea of bringing a younger Stallone acting as Rambo before the very first movie. And of course, as we know, many ideas can simply not be done just because they can only be done at the level of imagination, except when the right time comes.

The situation I am referring to, relates to what Jurassic Park did in 1993 — which was going along with a new category of computer graphics advancements such as inverted kinematics, at the time.

In some recent terminator movie, we saw a younger Arnold. I think that such idea could be the starting point to the this discussion — the discussion of checking if this is the right time. This check is, of course, a check to be done with a significant group of experts and professionals, from the movie industry, from the advertising industry, from the game industry, and more.

My reasoning here starts with the idea of giving the world a "Rambo -1", featuring the real younger Sylvester Stallone. While many may have dreamed about this thing I am bringing this consideration, or calling for a conversation that goes along with the level of work that Rambo First Blood did. Therefore, this is not about a poor, in the shadow of current technology, work. It would be in fact the other way, around of incremental innovation, any attempt to make anything in this world that compares with First Blood.

This journey would be probably one of the most difficult journeys in this world, to do a movie at that level, a drama mostly; with that kind of screenplay that Stallone did, with most of the work done real, with real acting scenes, but of course tied with a post-production support dependent on the best from the digital world and what is even not there yet — as usually was the case for any milestone in the movie industry, demanding that we build the solution too. This would be a one of the kind sort of project, a mark in history.

The real question now, which is not for you or me but to a strong group to be formed; is, are we ready? could this be done? A younger Stallone for the eyes of the audience, but acted by the real Stallone, live data: voice, movements, and other nuances such as breath. A work made blending the work of humans and technology at the level of First Blood. Another complexity point — to work with the family of Richard Crenna to bring him too. This is not a journey to be taken by any, as we know. Something tells me that this will be done eventually.

Thank you for listening,


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