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  • Subject: Documenting a case for the act of publishing drafts and notes that may be part of a story that is going to happen as a complete story in the future.
  • Summary: In this text I am documenting a need for an user that uses a traditional blog system in a different way, which is the need to post article pieces using a series format, aiming a limited amount of notes that needs to be aggregated and organized. This approach has less to do with the traditional publishing which is usually around the idea of a promoting an article. This approach may have more to do with that wiki users do when they are collaborating; more to do with transparency and more to do with goals.
  • Parent project: mini sites platform, a platform for individuals and their multiple roles in life
  • Reference meeting: "a05-950 — minisites — marcio — concept for public meeting updates or study notes 978bb0de-5fec-4a0c-929c-fec15ad588bf Sunday, January 5⋅12:00 – 1:00pm"
  • Participants: Marcio S Galli
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Can independent professionals post notes using a series format — Notes for a goal

by Marcio S Galli Jan 5th, 2019

This is a narrative that illustrates a potential need. This is not validated beyond my own use. When you see the word-name Marcio in this document, assume it’s the publisher user. Visitor is the user from the web, using a mobile device or a browser device in the desktop computer.

When a visitor user navigates in Marcio’s web page, she will find a section with a series of articles that are organized as series. Such series of articles forms an arc, an intention, a story. Therefore, when Marcio is publishing these article-fragments, he is not using a traditional blog post systems to promote fragments of his work. This would be the case if the goal was to promote a work that was done, if the job was to promote a complete article.

But this is not the case here. Because Marcio is not doing the job of promoting, such as to promote a polished article — the traditional act of publishing. The fact that most tools are oriented to that need is a very factor that may create a great deal of confusion to us for the situations when someone is posting something.

The job that he is trying to do has less to do with promoting a polished article and more to do with himself evolving his own materials towards a goal. What he is doing is more related to an organized approach for posting his daily or weekly notes in a way that offers transparency, enabling visitors to check what is going on, at the moment, but more than that, focusing in the timeline, in the arc, in the goal.

The above description should be used as a guideline — exactly because this use has more to do with a need of an author than with the tools that the author is able to use. Thus, what users usually do is known — they hack their own tools to solve their jobs. In this context, the following sequence of links are examples of a series of 8 articles that are associated with the job that Marcio was doing — study notes that support the goal of making a course:

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