Marcio S Galli - science projects and entrepreneurial action

  • Background bachelor's degree in computer science (USP alumni)
  • Developer consultant to many Silicon Valley companies (Mozilla, Zvents, France Telecom R&D)
  • US Patent author — messaging and internet
  • Ribeirão Preto SP Brasil, São Carlos SP Brasil, Mountain View CA USA, Sunnyvale CA USA
  • Tela Social

    The social-aware dashboard-kiosk project based on Mozilla (2009-2015).


    A desktop recording tool using screencasting technology in the context of remote working.

    Get in touch

    You can write to me at mgalli at mgalli dot com.

    Marcio is an entrepreneur with an interest in innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, and management. After his bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Marcio moved to Silicon Valley to work at one of companies that helped to develop the history of the Web (Netscape Communications). Besides Netscape / America Online, Marcio also helped other companies like Yahoo!, Mozilla Corporation (creators of the Firefox browser), Songbird, Zvents, France Telecom Research&Development, and more. Marcio is currently an entrepreneur and consultant — collaborating with various departments such as marketing, innovation, engineering. He became an author of international patents and enjoys studying and writing to help future entrepreneurs and managers. Marcio is passionate about communication, business, technology and culture. Some of his favorite books are High Output Management, Conscious Business, The Hard Things about Hard Things, Maslow on Management, The Startup of You, The Alliance, Zero to One, among others.  

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